Check Out the Best US Islands to Visit

Are you planning to visit the most important country in the world, the US? A lot of people really want to have a taste of the luxury this green pasture can offer. As a matter of fact, there are so many people who really want to migrate to the US.

If you plan to have a time of your life, you should first know the best US islands to visit:

Fire Island N.Y.

This is one of the most common summer island destinations in the US. This is great if you are a sporty person, especially water sports. Most of the tourists here will have a blast surfing and sailing. This is also quite accessible via shuttle ferries, private boats, and water taxis. However, you can’t find motor vehicles here thus most of the time, you will be exploring the island on foot or by biking.

fire island new york

Marco Island, Florida

This is the largest island in all of the city’s ten thousand islands. This easily attracts tourists because of its unspoiled and lush beaches. During a boat tour, dolphins and manatees can be possibly spotted. You can also go shop at the Esplanade if you want.

Amelia Island, Florida

This island is known for outdoor recreation activities for all ages. At day times, you can spend your time exploring the different beaches of this island. You can also go kayaking along with your special someone in their scenic waterways. You can also conclude the day by going horseback riding at sunset.

Block Island R.I.

For those who want to escape the buzzing sound of the city life, they want to find serenity in this island which is located just off the coast of Rhode Island. Here you can enjoy the 17 miles of pristine beaches. This island also doesn’t lack when it comes to historical fixtures as they have the historic inns as well as the lighthouses that are just quite panoramic. It is also here that you will find the smallest city that is also part of the smallest US state – New Shoreham.

Actually, it is hard to say that the list above comprises the top US islands as there are so many of them. So if you are about to travel to the US for the first time, you should just go island hopping and for sure, you will have a lot of time exploring each of them.

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