Visit These Famous Sites Before they Disappear Forever

Our world is full of natural resources and beautiful places that we should treasure.  But, we could never deny the fact that not all people do that. A lot of places nowadays are being destroyed by our own human activities.  So before these places get fully destroyed (hopefully not!) you might as well try to visit it first.

The Dead Sea

Sound familiar? Yes, this is one of the well-known places mentioned on the bible. Located at Palestine this is a must see place which you can visit if you want to experience it real life.

But because of a lot of mining activities, almost 2 billion gallons of water is being lost every year.  This water is amazingly 10 times as salty as an ocean.

If you’re ardent at swimming on this kind of extraordinary water, visit this place as soon as possible before it’s too late!

Visit these famous sites before they disappear
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